About Us


Oh, hello. Welcome to The Unpublishables. You can take off your shoes and put them over there. The guest slippers are the Hello Kitty ones.

Take a seat. Don’t worry, we just wiped the plastic down. Tea?

Let’s talk. We know you feel lonely sometimes. We feel it too. So many sites out there, but there’s still something missing, right? Where are the stories and music and artwork by fellow Asians who like the same stuff you do--and we know you like all kinds of stuff? Where is the funny or angry but always smart commentary from people who know what it’s like to be you, who are woke but not so woke that we can’t laugh at ourselves, too?

We believe that The Unpublishables is a platform for all kinds of rice eaters everywhere to get together and make shit happen through our words, music, and artwork.

Sometimes, we might be crazy. Sometimes, we might be annoying. Sometimes, we might be hypocritical. But one thing that we will always be is honest.

Now let’s go and eat.

M. Paramita Lin

  • was almost arrested for arson during a Metallica concert as a teenager but I fought the law and I won. Sort of.
  • ​has written a lot of shit and will continue to write more. You can read some of them on sites like the AV Club.
  • ​very strongly believes that it's spelled "baa-weep-granah-weep-nini-bong."

Doretta Lau

  • is trying to decide whether she wants to be Alan Yang or to date him.
  • once bailed a friend out of jail in Las Vegas, then watched Showgirls with that same friend and exclaimed, “Hey, they filmed Nomi’s release on location at Intake Services!”
  • ghostwrote an unauthorized biography of Keke Palmer, whose 2007 album So Uncool was buried by record execs but is a total gem.