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About M. Paramita Lin

M. Paramita Lin writes about pop culture, food, and travel and was nominated for Best of the Net. She used to do promotions and marketing in the music industry but has regained the ability to feel empathy. She has just finished a kids' book set in an alternate-reality Hong Kong and China about a society that's turned its back on the modern world and is ruled by martial arts clans. She is now working on a novel about a triad doctor and his reincarnated-demon sidekick as they follow the trail of a serial cat-killer in Hong Kong.

The Heiress

Ramona is third-generation wealthy, which is a big deal. If your grandparents made so much money that your parents couldn’t even squander it all, then you are truly, truly wealthy.

Kenichi Matsuyama Series: Ikari (Rage)

I spent the entire two and a half goddamn hours cringing in fear because it’s one of those movies where ANYTHING horrible can happen to the characters. Even in the final three minutes before the credits, I was expecting a last-minute suicide or something.

Party Girl

Eva took a serious liking to me because, as Doretta says, I am a magnet for tragic heiresses and socialites.

Goblin Style and Fashion Review, Part 1

A close look at the fashion and style of the Korean drama, Goblin. Why is everyone wearing neutral colours? What does that hat mean? Is the 90s Hong Kong idol hairdo really making a comeback?