Be a Punk at Work

Make your health your number one priority


A friend was telling me that one of her colleagues, a woman in her late thirties, had a heart attack and went right back to work the moment she was discharged. I don’t know the full details, but it sounds like she was checking e-mail while in the emergency room, then left the hospital and took a cab to go straight to the office.

I understand taking responsibility, as well as fear of losing one’s job in this economy, but this is some late-stage capitalist nonsense. I’m all about doing the work–I fall squarely in the workhorse rather than show pony camp–but there is no reason to neglect yourself to the point of death. No one should be working fourteen hour days. No one should say things like, “I haven’t showered in four days, I forgot to eat today, and I haven’t seen my partner since Saturday.”

Repeat after me: I am useless to my colleagues if I am dead. I am useless to my colleagues if I am dead. I am useless to my colleagues if I am dead.

Plus, it kind of sucks to be dead if you still have a lot of living to do.

Got it? Go take care of yourself.


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