Bunny and the Wolf Pack, Chapter One

I’ve been enjoying dramas, romance novels and mangas for decades now, but it’s taken me a while to actually sit down and write one of my own. But it’s finally happened and I’ve started writing it on Wattpad, but I thought I’d also publish it here as I write it. I’ve mentioned before that I’m too self-conscious to write sex scenes so it won’t be racy, but it’ll be cute and funny (and unedited, although maybe some of you would be shocked to find out that I edit the stuff I write).

The plot is as follows:

Things are pretty grim for Vanessa “Bunny” Chan. It’s the start of Sixth Form and classmate Ji-hun still hasn’t realized that she’s a girl, much less noticed she’s been in love with him for a year. When Ji-hun tells her that he’s fallen for the new girl, Bunny almost loses hope but fate gives her the luckiest break ever: she manages to convince the most popular boys in school, known as the Wolf Pack, to swear to help her and Ji-hun get together. Kurt, Taishi, and Wei resist at first but gradually get swept up by Bunny’s plans…until they all start falling for her, too.

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Monday, October 3

JH’s time of arrival:  15 minutes before the bell (dropped off by mom)
JH’s hair situation: growing over his eyes and when he blows it out of his face, I want to swoon
JH’s face situation: last week’s blemish almost gone
What we talked about: Fortnite and last night, he dreamed that he was bathing a pig and it turned into a statue (sixth time he’s had this dream in the past 5 weeks). Tuck shop didn’t have the banana milk he likes.

Note to self: bring banana milk tomorrow

Vanessa “Bunny” Chan snuck another look at Ji-hun Choi. He was seated just diagonally away from her, laughing at a joke that Brandon Chu was telling and brushing away the rebellious lock of hair that kept falling into his eyes. Ji-hun’s silhouette was glossed over with sunlight, but it was the glow in his eyes that made Bunny pick her pen up and add one more entry to her diary:

Days without confessing to JH: 298

She closed the book and put her face down on it and sighed deeply. Her diary had slowly become little more than a dossier on Ji-hun in the past year, with fully sourced, double-confirmed, and cross-referenced facts on things that he’d said and done. The CIA could use tips from her on information-gathering at this point.

“You okay there, Bun?” Emi Saito poked her on her back. Bunny winced. Emi did taekwondo and her fingers were exceptionally strong.

“Jeez, Emi. Don’t poke a hole through my spine.”

“Ji-hun looks really good today. He should keep his hair like that.”

“Trust me, I noticed.”

“Yeah, of course you did.” It was the mixture of amusement and pity in Emi’s voice that made Bunny raise her head up.

“I’m never going to be able to tell him,” she said despairingly.

Emi shrugged. “Just do it like we do back in Japan, and write a letter and give it to him. I don’t know how middle-school kids can be braver than you.”

“Because they’re too dumb to be afraid of rejection.”

“Even if he rejects you, at least you’ll get it off your chest.”

“Ugh. Stop.”

Bunny let her head drop onto her diary again, although she angled her face so she could surreptitiously peer at Ji-hun through her hair. They’d instantly made a friendly connection when they’d first met in Year 11. Bunny’s mom had gotten a job in admissions at Canterbury International School in Hong Kong and managed to get Bunny a spot in school (which their family couldn’t have afforded otherwise). Bunny had been apprehensive about all the rich kids at international school, and it had been hard for her to adjust at the beginning. The first few months were the worst: no one bullied her exactly, but she definitely felt left out, like when Kurt Wu announced that he was having a yacht party and she’d asked whether there was a bus stop nearby.

There had been a sudden break in the conversation and as everyone stared at her, Bunny felt mortification growing out of her like slimy mold. But Ji-hun had stepped in and smoothly said, “Don’t worry, I can give you a ride.”

He was true to his word, and after Bunny had vomited within 15 minutes of boarding Kurt’s yacht, Ji-hun and his driver had taken her back home and they had been friends ever since. Well, friends until the day Bunny realized that her feelings were more than just platonic. Truthfully, it hadn’t really taken that long, it wasn’t exactly hard to catch feelings for a guy who was not only gorgeous but funny and kind, too. But there was just no way she could tell him, even though she’d made a million half-hearted hints when messaging him only to turn it into a joke.

There was another fierce round of poking from Emi. “Damn, Emi, what is it?”

“It’s her,” Emi hissed. “That new girl everyone is talking about. She’s supposed to be related to the Thai royal family or something.”


“Ji-hun was looking really friendly with her at the tuck shop this morning.”

“What?” Bunny’s head snapped up like someone had let go of a rubber band, just in time to see the supposed member of the Thai royal family walk straight to Ji-hun with a huge smile on her face. But it was Ji-hun’s answering smile that made Bunny’s heart sink. There were more than  a few pretty girls at Canterbury but this was the first time that she’d ever seen Ji-hun look at someone like that. He was still smiling when he turned to look at Bunny, but it changed, somehow, and Bunny felt another hit of despair.

“Oh, and this is my good friend, Bunny,” Ji-hun said. “The one I was telling you about. Hey, Bun, check it out, Patcharin just moved here from Thailand. She’s a boarder, and I said we’d show her around Hong Kong.”

Bunny sat up straight. “Oh, hello.” Patcharin’s eyelashes were unusually thick. Didn’t she know that students at Canterbury weren’t allowed to have false lashes? And surely, her lips weren’t naturally that rosy color. And was she wearing BB cream to get that even skin tone? All contravening school rules! Bunny was so caught up plotting to snitch on Patcharin that she only belatedly realized that both Ji-hun and Patcharin were looking at her expectantly. “Er…welcome to Canterbury. And Hong Kong. Nice to meet you.”

Ji-hun grinned. “Told you Bunny’s cool! She’s one of the coolest dudes at Canterbury.”

“That’s wonderful. I hope we can be really good friends,” Patcharin said, her eyes on Ji-hun. Bunny’s eyes, however, were glued to Patcharin’s right hand, which floated towards Ji-hun’s bicep and rested there like a disgusting vampire bat feeding off an innocent deer. Behind her, Emi breathed out, “Wow, so it’s like that.”

The bell finally rang and Patcharin fortunately found a seat far away from Ji-hun as their Physics teacher entered the room. Bunny flipped her dairy open and wrote with a trembling hand:

Rival(s): Patcharin, new girl from Thailand. Possibly royal? Molested JK’s arm.

Note to self: check school regulations on inappropriate touching

Bunny thought for a moment and then, turning to the next page, she scribbled:



She paused. She had no absolutely no idea what to write next. Damn it, she needed serious help.


“I’m kind of sick of being told that I should just be myself when I’ve been exactly myself ever since I met Ji-hun and nothing has happened,” Bunny complained as she finished reading another dating advice article on her phone. She and Emi were sitting on the steps overlooking the football pitch eating lunch. It was their favorite spot; Canterbury had been built on top of a hill and the view from where they sat was of the quiet, densely forested country park below and blue skies above. It was also, conveniently, quite far from where Bunny’s mom liked to have lunch with her colleagues. “I need tactics, I need advice, I need a strategy.”

“You need a reality check,” Emi muttered into her rice.  “He called you a dude.”

Bunny ignored her. “Oh, there’s some kind of book on persuasion by a scientist. That’s what I need, persuasive techniques.” She did a search in their school library. “The library has it! Maybe I’ll check it out after class.” She heard Ji-hun’s voice behind her. “Hey Em!  What’s up, Bun? Who’re you texting?”

“Uh, no one…” Bunny turned her phone over, hesitated and then, with a flash of inspiration continued, “I mean, no one you know. Just…just a boy that I know. That you don’t.” She looked at him hopefully to see if there was any flash of jealousy on his face at all.

“Oh, that’s cool. Does he go to another school?” Ji-hun looked exasperatingly normal.

Bunny sighed to herself and said, “No, he’s here, but…just…what’s up?”

“Oh, okay. I wanted to ask what you think of Patcharin.”

“She’s…” Before Bunny could finish, Ji-hun interrupted and said excitedly, “Isn’t she awesome? She’s so down to earth and just so easy to talk to.”

I’m all of those things, too, Bunny thought grumpily.

“It sounds like you really like her,” Emi said cautiously, with a glance at Bunny.

Ji-hun bit his lip and looked down shyly, and a lock of hair fell over his eye. Oh my God, give me some warning before you do that, Bunny felt her ears growing warm. “No…I mean, yeah, I think she’s cool, but it’s early days, you know?” Ji-hun said bashfully.

“Yes, very early,” Bunny said through gritted teeth. She stood up. “You know what, I need to get a book from the library.”

“I’ll walk you there,” Ji-hun offered. “I’m meeting Brandon at the gym, and it’s on the way.” Bunny and Emi exchanged looks.

“I’m just going to stay here and finish my lunch,” Emi said. “Hope you find the book.”

Despite everything, Bunny still felt a small thrill as she walked down the halls with Ji-hun. She glanced down at his hand swinging by his side and wondered if she’d ever find those long fingers curled around her own. Then, thinking of Ji-hun holding Patcharin’s hands instead of her own, her resolve hardened. In a month…no, in two months…okay, in three months for sure, she was going to tell Ji-hun that she loved him and find a way to get him to fall in love with her too.

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