Bunny and the Wolf Pack, Chapter Three

The newest fiction series from The Unpublishables is a teen K-drama-style romcom without the interminable wait for Viki to load properly (or is that just me?) and for a generous person to subtitle. If you haven’t read Chapter One, you can do so here.


Things are pretty grim for Vanessa “Bunny” Chan. It’s the start of Sixth Form and classmate Ji-hun still hasn’t realized that she’s a girl, much less noticed she’s been in love with him for a year. When Ji-hun tells her that he’s fallen for the new girl, Bunny almost loses hope but fate gives her the luckiest break ever: she manages to convince the most popular boys in school, known as the Wolf Pack, to swear to help her and Ji-hun get together. Kurt, Taishi, and Wei resist at first but gradually get swept up by Bunny’s plans…until they all start falling for her, too.

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The Wolf Pack stared down at the open blue journal, its pages covered in Bunny’s neat handwriting.

“What exactly are we reading here?” Kurt asked in disbelief. He read an entry aloud:

January 17.
JH’s time of arrival: 10 minutes late, his alarm didn’t go off
JH’s hair situation: he didn’t have time to fix it, but he looks dreamy with messy hair
JH’s face situation: not sure if he washed his face but his skin is perfect
What we talked about: didn’t have time, but he passed me a note asking how I was

Note to self: go to IKEA and buy a frame for the note

Days without confessing to JH: 39.” Kurt flipped through the pages. “Are these entries all like that?”

Bunny nodded. Taishi looked at her as if he’d just peeled an orange and found an onion inside. “You’re kind of creepy, aren’t you? You don’t look it at all.”

“Creepy?” Bunny gasped. Seeing her scowl, Kei smiled encouragingly at her although he was a little more wide-eyed than usual. “Yeah, but you’ve got really good penmanship, though.”

“What’s so creepy about me? I bet there are people out there who have diaries like this about you guys, too,” Bunny said. “You’re called the Wolf Pack for a reason, right?”

Taishi and Kurt shuddered visibly and exchanged uncomfortable glances, although Kei wondered out loud, “So if I ever get accused of committing a crime, I’ll have an alibi? That’s not so bad.”

Kurt squinted at Bunny, a fuzzy impression of water and vomit coming to him. “You know what…don’t I know you from some place?”

Bunny scoffed. “You mean aside from seeing me in school five days a week?”

Kurt shrugged dismissively. “Do you know how many girls follow us around all the time? I’ve learned to just keep my head down and ignore anyone I’m not actually friends with. Otherwise, it gets very stressful, you know.”

“Oh please, I don’t follow any of you around.” She caught herself and added, “Uh, no offence.”

“Well, clearly, it’s because you’re busy following Ji-hun Choi around instead.” Kurt waved Bunny’s diary at her accusingly. “You’re a stalker. We should warn him about you instead of helping you.”

“You can’t be a stalker if you’re someone’s friend,” Bunny retorted.

Taishi laughed half-incredulously. “You’ve really committed to this.”

“Why do you think we can help you, though?” Kei asked, stroking his chin thoughtfully. “It’s not like beating Ji-hun up and threatening him will make him like you any more.”

“No, dumbass, she doesn’t want us to threaten him. She wants us to make her…” Kurt waved his hand at Bunny. “Not this.”

“Ohhh, he’s gay,” Kei said in sudden understanding. “But that’s even harder. She’s not a boy.”

Taishi grabbed Kei’s head and messed his hair up fondly. “You beautiful idiot. He’s not gay. He’s just not into her because he doesn’t find her attractive in that way, and she wants us to help her seduce him.”

“Wait, wait, ‘seduce’ is a pretty strong word,” Bunny interrupted, slightly offended. This wasn’t going as well as she’d hoped it would. It wasn’t that she’d expected the Wolf Pack to be incredibly enthusiastic about the idea of helping her, but she didn’t think they’d frame her goal in such unattractive terms.

“You want him to be your boyfriend, right?” Taishi asked. “And you want to know how to woo him with your charms?”

Bunny blushed but nodded determinedly.

“Ha! That is seduction,” Taishi said triumphantly.

“Well, fine, call it whatever you want. I just want to know if we have a deal.”

“Are you sure you want us to help you? I mean, we’re not girls, we don’t know how to, you know,” Kei fluttered his eyelashes and put his hands under his chin. Bunny was taken aback by how cute he looked.

“Uh…” It took a second for her mind to get back on track. “Well, that’s exactly why I need your help. You’re guys, you know what guys want. And…and you’re the Wolf Pack, I mean, you’d know what would work if someone was chasing you and stuff, right?”

There was silence as the three boys stared at her diary and then at each other. To everyone’s surprise, it was Kurt who crossed his arms and barked out, “Fine. You’ve got a deal.”

“What?” Taishi said, shocked. He hadn’t ever known his friend to give in to anything he didn’t want to.

Kurt sighed in irritation. “Just look at her. Saying no would be like not throwing a sad little fish back to the ocean. What do you guys say? You in?”

Taishi and Kei looked at each other. “She is pretty sad,” Kei said. “And I believe in love.” Taishi shrugged and said, “Might be interesting to see what happens.”

“It’s a deal, then!” Bunny clapped her hands in relief. “So we start tomorrow.”

“Hang on, hang on, I want a guarantee first that you’re not going to go around talking about my private messages,” Kurt said. He whipped out his phone and began recording the group. “It’s October 3 and I’m here with Taishi and Kei and Bunny.”

“Vanessa,” Bunny said firmly. Kurt raised an eyebrow at her and continued, “We swear to help Vanessa hook up with Ji-hun Choi–“

“Not just a hook up, a relationship!” Bunny yelped.

“Okay, okay. We swear to help Vanessa find true love and a forever home with Ji-hun Choi, in exchange for Vanessa keeping her mouth shut about my personal stuff.”

“I want to be Ji-hun’s girlfriend by the end of the year, ” Bunny interjected.

Kurt sighed and rolled his eyes. “Fine. We’ll help Vanessa be Ji-hun’s girlfriend by the end of the year. We swear.”

“We swear,” the others echoed.

Kurt turned off the camera. “Happy?”

Bunny nodded, unable to stop herself from grinning. With the Wolf Pack’s help, there was no way she could lose out to Patcharin, and she would finally make Ji-hun see that they belonged together.

“Now can we go? We’re all going to be late for class. We’ll call you tonight about our strategy and what to do tomorrow,” Kurt said.

“Yes! Thanks! Thanks so much!” Bunny skipped off, feeling like she was in a Disney musical. All she needed was a bunch of cute animals following her and flower petals floating in her wake.

The Wolf Pack watched her leave in silence.

“Did we just agree to do a bad thing?” Kei asked in a hushed voice. “Ji-hun’s not going to be in danger, right?”

“I think she’s harmless,” Taishi said in a tone that was rather full of doubt. He turned to Kurt and said, “Do you think we can trust her?”

Kurt shrugged. “Shouldn’t the question be whether she can trust us? What do we know about getting a guy to fall in love with someone? Since when have any of us ever had to chase anyone?”

“Wait, we promised to help her. Are you just going to lie to her?”Kei was shocked.

“No, of course not. A promise is a promise. I’m just saying, it’s going to be a lot of work.” Kurt sighed. “We’re talking a makeover inside and out.”

“Maybe we should just tell her to be herself,” Taishi said. “What’s the point of being with someone if it’s based on something that’s not real?”

“Who cares about that? We just need to get her to her goal.” Kurt tossed Bunny’s diary to Taishi. “We’ll have to read this for information on what Ji-hun likes, but we’ll still need to ask him for details.”

“We’re in Chinese class together,” Kei offered. “I’ll start investigating the next time I see him.”

“Don’t be too obvious,” Kurt instructed, although he secretly felt that the admonition was pointless when it came to Kei, who had the subtlety of a Louis Vuitton bag. “You guys come over for dinner tonight. I’ll text Bunny later and tell her to wait for our call.”

A thought occurred to Taishi. “So are you going to meet…you know…”

Kurt’s face darkened. “I still haven’t decided. But the sooner we deal with this Bunny situation, the sooner we can go back to our regular lives and I can make my decision.”

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