Nine Days

The elders say it will only take nine days for the creature to lose interest and then we can bury my sister. That’s nine days too long but I have to do it. For her.

Eight Days

The first day went without incident, as long as there are candles and people around for the wake the monster doesn’t seem to be able to get close. This may be easier than I thought.

Seven Days

It just waits outside. Staring at the wake.

Six Days

It’s still waiting.

Five Days

Damn it. I fell asleep. No one covered for me and the creature almost got to my sister. It won’t happen again. I only have four days left.

Four Days

I haven’t seen it outside lately. Maybe it already lost interest.

Three Days

There was a problem with the electricity in the funeral home. All the lights went out for a few hours. Damn it! I should have bought more candles. I can’t see the creature, but I know it’s somewhere here, just biding its time until the candles go out. But it won’t get her. I won’t let it.

Two Days

The power’s finally back on. I’ve been surviving the past week on nothing but coffee and Red Bull to make sure that I stay awake. I can’t wait until I finally get some sleep, and to put the monster to rest.

One Day

I’m sorry Sarah, I know that I wasn’t the best brother when you were alive, but I hope that my vigil for you showed you how much I love you. I promise to visit you every day and make sure that nothing bad will happen to you. Kuya promises.

Nine days have passed and it was as the elders said. The creature just lost interest. I hope that whoever it stalks next knows to light a candle and keep it at bay. I pray for that poor soul, but I’m glad it isn’t me anymore.

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