Free Tarot Readings

Are you ready to live your best life?

M. Paramita Lin and Doretta Lau are offering one free tarot reading a month because we are servicey like that. Our methods are unconventional, so set aside your preconceptions and be open to answers. The first time M. read for Doretta, she set her on the path to publishing her short story collection.

The narrative of the cards are not set in stone: they only reveal conditions and options. You may choose to take action or not because you have free will. You alone are responsible to choose to move away from your darkest timeline to reach your best self.

If you have a question and are willing to have your reading published on The Unpublishables, send an e-mail to theunpubs AT gmail DOT com with “tarot reading” in the subject line. Note that we will not publish your name. In this e-mail, please answer the following six questions only. Do not tell us your question in the e-mail or spill your life story.

  1. Is your question urgent?
  2. Can your question be answered with a yes or no?
  3. What do you want to get from this reading?
  4. Have you asked this question during a tarot reading before?
  5. Are you ready to hear real talk? We get real when we read.
  6. What would you like your pseudonym to be when we publish?

We will not answer follow up questions after the reading is complete because boundaries.

Tarot is a tool that allows you to see your current situation in narrative form, providing clarity in the midst of chaos. As Joan Didion puts it, “We tell ourselves stories in order to live.” We can lead you to your story.

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