Hasan Minhaj is Our Favourite Netflix Star

Doretta Lau rounds up Hasan Minhaj videos

I save episodes of Patriot Act for the gym so that I don’t get bored on the treadmill. (I walk very slowly and spend most of the time hanging out in the sauna catching up on my New Yorker magazines from 2018.)

Hasan Minhaj is pretty. So pretty that when I watch him on TV I’m a zombie for his good looks. My mouth gapes. I mean, his hair is excellent. He’s got a gleam in his eye. I know he’s funny and everything, but damn I could watch that man walk around talking about Supreme all day and it has nothing to do with his comedic timing.


Hasan Retakes the SAT Exam

He’s never going to live down his SAT score. But it’s okay, he’s hot and funny and he probably shows up on time for every single work engagement.


Hasan Goes Shopping with Queer Eye Star Tan France

But the thing is, [spoiler alert] he never wore the outfit Tan picked out for him on Patriot Act.


Tan France Outfit Mystery Solved!

Where did that tiger bomber go?


Hasan Meets Marie Kondo

This video sparks joy.

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