I’m Not an Anime Expert, But These Guys Are


After I started writing my series Tough Guys, Gangsters, and Delinquents in Asian Pop Culture here at The Unpublishables, I would get messages from people asking me about manga and anime and what they should start reading. I have to admit that I’m probably not the right person to ask because I don’t really know that much aside from my preferences. I never really got into a lot of the popular stuff like Naruto and I haven’t been keeping up with One Piece and most shocking of all, I didn’t finish reading Dragonball Z.

I understand that for people who are just getting into manga, it can get pretty overwhelming to pick one, and much of the anime review content out there can be pretty exclusionary. So I recommend watching this delightful YouTube channel, Real Dreamers Change the World or RDCworld1, to get a feel for what’s out there. This isn’t an anime review site per se; they put together comedy skits and vlogs about pop culture in general, but they do have a strong anime-related series.

For manga or anime beginners, I suggest you watch their vlogs, starting with picking a good anime to watch:

I also really enjoyed this episode on the most slept-on black characters in anime. Mark really knows his shit.

They also have a fun roundtable series that tackles different anime-related topics.

And of course, the parodies. Many of them are just too funny for words, and I know you’ll be sharing them with everyone you know, like I’m doing now.

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