Kevin in Shanghai Tells You What You Need to Know

If your self-esteem has been broken by Li Ziqi, fear not because I have another series of videos for you that shows you that young people in China aren’t all hardcore survivalists. They’re also as superficial, funny, sweet, dumb, and silly as everyone else. I don’t know how I stumbled upon Kevin in Shanghai’s channel, but I’m so glad I did because if anyone asks me about China (and recently, there seem to be a lot more people who are), I just direct them to Kevin’s videos. (Tip: turn on cc for English subtitles)

This is the first video that I ever watched from his channel and I couldn’t stop cackling at the idioms example. The title is “How Westerners see China vs how Chinese see China.”


“Life in China vs life in the West”–I ended up saying out loud “BROCCOLI IS STILL ONLY 99 CENTS?”


I think videos like the one below go a long way in alleviating cross-straits tensions between Taiwan and mainland China. Having curiosity and an open mind are qualities that keep us from being shitty people, and yet so many people dig their heels in just for the sake of ideology and dogma. The video title is “What’s better in Taiwan compared to the mainland?”

And as someone who has Korean friends, I found this video very true and funny.

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