List of Five: Rusty Machines

For our List of Five feature, we ask musicians to tell us stories about five songs. Iggy from Rusty Machines does the honours for this post.

Rusty Machines is a Filipino indie band whose joie de vivre adds an infectious verve to their garage rock sound. Find out more here:

Rusty Machines “Forget You”

It was around night time at Josh’s rest house in Nasugbu, Batangas. We were talking and drinking then suddenly Josh took out the guitar and just started playing this looping riff. He started mumbling lyrics and eventually opened up to Miko (our drummer) and I that he was able to write a song with his friends from high school. Out of excitement, Miko and I shouted “BUOTIN NATIN YAN” (We should finish writing that song!) so the next day on a very fine afternoon near the shores of Nasugbu, we started writing the lyrics, arranged the song when we got back to manila, and jammed it until it became what is arguably our “best known single” up to now. The process was very fun experience because all of us collaborated in terms of writing the arrangements and lyrics. Plus, we never expected it would eventually be a hit!


Rusty Machines “What Went Wrong”

I think we don’t have enough material to say that we’ve completely departured from the sound/music style that’s evident in the City Lights EP. But if we talk about the recording itself then “What Went Wrong” may be considered as some sort of a “departure” from our usual sound. If you’ve listened to “What Went Wrong” on Spotify then you’ll notice that it’s “heavier” and yet cleaner since my voice isn’t drenched in too much filter and reverb. We incorporated cleaner guitars as well but there’s still that “dirty rusty” sound when it transitions to the bridge up until the final minutes of the song. I’m very happy with the song especially because of how we arranged it (Nick Lazaro of La Balls Studio also helped us clean it up as well!) and the song really means a lot to me since I wrote it during a very turbulent time in my life.


Rusty Machines “The Morning”

“THE MORNING” HAHAHA! Josh, Miko, and I (we’re still convincing Leandro) are avid fans of Last Dinosaurs to the point that we watched their Black Market gig together! This was the time when we were still recording our City Lights EP. It’s weird since the songs that we really jam to are Weekend and Honolulu but then when we were writing The Morning, that TENENEN-TENENEN-TENENEN riff from Sunday Night got stuck in our heads so what better way to pay homage to our favorite band than to more or less “copy” the riff and incorporate it in our song. (Huhuhuhu we’re sorry but we love Last Dinosaurs and please do know we do not support any form of plagiarism!!)


Question: Is there a song that you hate-listen to? Why?

HAHAHAHA THIS IS A TRAP QUESTION BUT I LIKE IT BECAUSE IT’S FUN. I JUST HOPE I DON’T GET ANY ISSUES FROM THIS SO DISCLAIMER: I would like to apologize in advance to anyone who’ll get offended by what I will be saying! I do admit I am quite a snob when it comes to my music taste huhu and that’s me being close-minded and negative so I’m really sorry! Musical taste is pretty much subjective in the first place.

But to answer your question, yes I do hate-listen! When I do, I listen to the newly released EP of Basically Saturday Night. The band’s musicality is VERY GOOD and congratulations to them winning Wanderband 2018, plus the vocalist has major pipes but his vocal melodies are so repetitive it’s like you’re listening to a 25 minute song. Again, this is just my opinion since I’m really not into that kind of funky/R&B sound.


Toro Y Moi “You and I”

I first heard the song last year as soon as the music video came out. I was completely blown away by it. The song is so simple in structure and yet if you listen closely to the lyrics, it’s Chaz talking about love that has been broken by changes caused by uncontrollable forces. It’s heartbreaking. Yeah, I wish I wrote that song. It’s so pure and tender. You need to read the lyrics I swear.

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