We Appeared on the Lit Mag Love Podcast

Maloy and Doretta speak with Rachel Thompson on her podcast Lit Mag Love


Writer Rachel Thompson invited the Unpublishables to be guests on her podcast Lit Mag Love. The episode is called Reflect Your True Self.

We had a lot of fun explaining that marketing is just another way to tell stories and we shared some behind-the-scenes career moments and advice on not giving up.

I love it when Maloy speaks about her experience with marketing in the music industry and connects it to publishing. I personally owe a lot of my writing success to her, because she has been so generous with her advice and given me many tools for strategic planning. Before meeting Maloy, I did not know how to build an audience and sustain engagement with readers. Now I’ve been able to meet with readers and writers to pass on what I’ve learned and it’s really thrilling.

Rachel’s Lit Mag Love is a really great example of a writing community that is giving, generous, and kind–all things we strive for here on the Unpublishables. We hope you enjoy listening as much as we enjoyed being guests on the podcast.

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