Nguyen Cong Tri’s No. 10


A friend of mine moved to Ho Chi Minh City last year, and he mentioned to me that I should keep an eye out for a Vietnamese couture designer named Nguyen Cong Tri, whose work he was sure I would love. Serendipitously, Nguyen showed at New York Fashion Week early this year, so I was able to take a look at his collection. I thought the clothes were beautiful and well-made, but nothing really particularly noteworthy, but I figured I might as well take a look at his Website to see what all the fuss was about.

Well, cousins, I clicked on his latest couture collection, No. 10, and discovered not just exquisite embroidery–Vietnamese embroidery has always been pretty famous for its delicacy–but also an almost Surrealist aesthetic paired with Japanese-inspired draping, with flowers and leaves bursting out of seams and folds, and their bright colours standing out against a mostly neutral palette.

I’m not a fashion critic, so my opinions may be slightly jejune to those who are, but I do guarantee that they are sincere and full of admiration.

This piece inspired me to draw something creepy and beautiful, and what higher compliment can you pay to a piece of art than that it encouraged others to create something too?

I hope someone wears this to their wedding because this outfit is meant to strut down to a bevy of gasps and “OH MY GOD”s. It’s technically menswear, but it feels quite gender-neutral.


I love ferns and I really appreciate the greys ones mixed in with the green ones to create depth and maybe a slightly spooky feeling.


This reminds me of those chrysanthemum paintings (yes, I’m not a complete moron, I know these aren’t chrysanthemums) that you hang in foyers for feng shui purposes. I approve on behalf of good feng shui along with sheer beauty.


This is almost a modern Goth aesthetic to me, like these flowers and leaves drained of their colour but retaining their forms. I would have serious statue-in-a-graveyard attitude after putting this on.


I really like how the structural elements are rendered in a neutral colour on the front and then when you turn around, POW. I’m getting carpal tunnel syndrome just thinking of the amount of time and labour it must have taken to do this embroidery.


If I were a youxia (or wandering fighter or ronin), this would be my outfit because it would slay, slay, and slay all day and night long.


No fashion opinions here, just acknowledging that this boy is extremely cute.


To see more of No. 10, click here to see the collection on Nguyon Cong Tri’s Website.

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