Odd Man Out Obsession

Doretta Lau binge watches a YouTube game show

So I’m coming down with a cold and last night I had insomnia and somehow fell down a wormhole of this show Odd Man Out. Seven strangers come together to try to figure out which one of them is lying about a specific belief or their identity in order to win money. The set looks like a certain genre of movie where a bunch of strangers wake up in a weird room or structure and discover they’re playing a game and the price of losing is death. (I’m thinking about Cube and Circle and I’m pretty sure I’ve watched others like it.)

[Warning, in the video posted above there is a deeply awful vegan named Erin. I don’t think she can imagine Asian person would eat buckwheat for breakfast and assumes that anything that doesn’t align with her understanding of culture must be a lie. It makes for an amazing video–I bet the producers were so excited when they cast her for the episode knowing that she would come into conflict with all the other contestants.]

Odd Man Out reminds me of the Japanese drama Liar Game, which I loved.

These videos are fascinating, because they reveal American attitudes and biases about race, class, gender, and sexuality and show how mob mentality can derail a group’s intentions to work well together.

This one about psychics is pretty hilarious. The comments are gold.

This one is delightful because none of the contestants can imagine that some countries have an elite ruling class who sound American.

Things get dark.

This episode reminds me of the infamous GQ article “Gay or Asian”?

This one’s a mindfuck and the only episode where the viewer knows who the mole is from the get go.

The contestants in this one are reality TV gold.

I can’t stop watching, but I have so much work to do. Send help.


Odd Man Out Season 1


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