“In the three days before the resurrection, the devil will make his way into the hearts of man. Be careful of the places you go and the things that you meet.”

I’m half asleep as I listen to the sermon. Mass hasn’t been the most exciting thing I’ve done today, but lola dragged me here. I wish I was back home in front of my computer doing something interesting. I could squeeze in a few games before the next mass I have to go to.

“The children of the devil walk the earth at this time, make no mistake, they will take forms that will entice you to help them. They hide under the shroud of innocence and they pervert what will be good. The product of a union with the devil will only bring pain and misery.”

The priest seems to really like talking. I’m still drifting in and out, thinking about anything else that will get me out of this place. The pews are hard, the aircon’s broken and everyone has the same look on their face: placid, but still listening.

“Remember this warning. In these three days the agents of the devil will come. I am reminded of a story where the devil had a union with another monster. This child of darkness seeks to devour the flesh of man and it screams will create more like it.”

This is strange. The priest is changing his voice. It seems a lot deeper now. I don’t know what he’s been talking about but it really seems to be affecting him.

“My mother was one of its victims. The price of one’s sin is sometimes too much to bear. But the Lord would never send agents of the Devil to do his work. The Lord will forgive, not destroy. Remember the light of love will be with you all.”


The priest is softly crying now. I wish I had paid more attention to the earlier part of the sermon. He seemed to be caught in a trance.

“The devil will seek to lead you astray and his child is no different. Always put your trust in the Lord. For only in Him will you find true salvation.”


The sermon ends with that. I’m still a bit shaken from the change that the priest had while he was saying it. I take a small detour to the park where I notice something strange.

It’s a baby. It seems to have been left alone, the poor thing. I go near it to see if I can help it find its parents. The words of the priest still echo in my ears, but I ignore them.

A baby can’t hurt me.

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