Tarot Reading: Yearning for Direction

Violet was wondering about how she could reconnect to her sense of self and hoped that the tarot would be able to provide some guidance.

The cards that appeared are as follows:

  1. Wheel of Fortune
  2. The Fool
  3. Queen of Cups
  4. Three of Wands
  5. Strength
  6. Six of Swords
  7. Two of Pentacles
  8. The Hermit
  9. Seven of Wands
  10. Eight of Swords

We used the Rider-Waite deck, not the ones featured here, by the way.

Card 1:

With the Wheel of Fortune in this position, Violet is someone who’s always suspected that she’s in touch with some kind of destiny, and there have been moments in her life where luck or coincidence seem to have given her a glimpse of exciting possibilities.

Card 2:

Unfortunately, Violet doesn’t have the courage to believe in this or believe in herself. The Fool crosses the Wheel of Fortune, losing much of its natural independence and freedom. She can’t let go of fear and insecurity enough to truly embrace her destiny or fate.

Card 3:

The Queen of Cups represents deep emotions and desires, but Violet often represses them. By not exploring them, she has problems articulating what she truly feels and wants. There’s a lot of fear of letting her emotions run wild and a tendency towards just keeping the peace. I’m also seeing a tendency towards impostor syndrome because she doesn’t believe in her talents.  

Card 4:

Violet has been yearning for a change, to be able to have confidence and success–and perhaps most importantly, a direction.

Card 5:

She thinks she needs to be more aggressive or assertive, but that isn’t the issue. She has outgrown many circumstances and even people, but she is still hanging on. She needs to master the change and maturity in herself by acknowledging what needs to be let go.

Card 6:

She is being unrealistic about the change that she wants to happen. She doesn’t follow through with her ideas. It’s not that she doesn’t have the capability, but she’s focusing on the wrong things to fear or worry about. This is a major part of her hesitation in moving forward.

Card 7:

As a result, Violet has problems making a decision because ultimately, she is in denial about what she wants (which is linked to what she’s capable of doing). At the same time, she can’t have her cake and eat it too…simply making a decision isn’t enough, she has to have the confidence and concrete actions to back it up.

Cards 8 and 9:


These cards strongly advise that Violet stop allowing herself to be pressured by the people around her. In fact, there’s a chance that they’re not even really pressuring her, and she’s pressuring herself and using them as a scapegoat because of her fear of actually doing something concrete to move forward. She feels like she’s always on the defensive with people, having to protect herself. She just needs to walk away and spend time by herself.

Card 10:

There is a dynamic where she allows people to encroach on her and then she passive aggressively reacts. This doesn’t get her anywhere. She just needs to get out of her current circumstances and be honest with herself about what it is she truly wants out of life. Stop second guessing or hedging bets, thinking about what she ought to do in order to make money, etc. She needs to focus on something and the way will be clearer to her. Otherwise, she is in danger of losing all passion in her interests.


We recommend either a creative project or an act of charity after a tarot reading to balance the energy. For Violet, a writing exercise may be useful to connect herself with her goals.

Clear twenty-five minutes first thing in the morning. Set a timer. Get a hot beverage and have a music playlist ready.

Over the course of twenty-five minutes make a list of things beginning each sentence with: “I want…” Do not judge what comes out, just write. Sometimes our desires can surprise us, and writing is one of the best ways to access this information.

At the end of twenty-five minutes, take a five minute break. Then take another twenty-five minutes to review the list and decide how to prioritize fulfilling the desires uncovered in the first half of this exercise. Make a list of the steps required to achieve each thing. Some goals may be completed within the course of a day, while others may have multiple steps and long-term timelines that span over the course of a few years. This is a map to the future with multiple routes to get from one place to another.

Reading Recommendations

The cards reveal that Violet has trouble finishing what she has started. At the root of this may be procrastination, which is tied to a need to establish psychological safety for the self. In order to investigate whether this may be the case, we recommend reading The Now Habit by Dr. Neil Fiore. This book helped Doretta finish writing her short story collection because it taught her to do rather than to fear.


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