What Did You Write?

What if these photographs of Japanese actors were headshots for a book? We imagine what the stories might be about.


A children’s book featuring his own pen and ink illustrations full of talking woodland creatures and a beautiful nymph who only coincidentally looks like the young woman who lives next door.

 A self-help book series: The Sensitive Guy’s Guide to Avoiding Heartbreak and The Sensitive Guy’s Guide to Desserts

Thinly veiled revenge memoir about her affair with a charismatic but slightly sleazy married politician.

A literary book about a young man whose quarter-life crisis is triggered by the idiots, philistines, and assholes at his Creative Writing MFA programme.

 A contemporary romance featuring a good girl gone bad and dipping her toe into light BDSM with a chainsmoking dude she met while buying famichiki at FamilyMart.

 Post-heartbreak autobiographical novel about a girl who is clearly one of the biggest celebrities in Asia.


 A prison memoir about the time he went to jail for being a drug lord.

A young adult book about a young woman who runs a cat cafe and changes the lives of the people who visit there.


 A crime thriller series based on his experiences as a cop in Tokyo’s roughest prefecture.

 Hard sci-fi about a world where our thoughts are all connected to Elon Musk’s neuralink network, and one man has to figure out which person on the network is a serial killer.


 Literary novel set in Meiji Restoration-era Japan about a woman married to a samurai whose world is shaken when samurais lose their status, written in Mrs. Dalloway-style stream of consciousness.

The most anticipated hipster novel of the year, featuring a series of short stories scaffolded onto classic short stories and rewritten to reflect the angst and tech-driven tragedy of the millennial generation.

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