Ali Wong is Killing it with Her Content

Doretta Lau on Ali Wong’s marketing and publicity blitz

Ali Wong and Tan France

It is such a pleasure seeing what Ali Wong is doing in support of the release of the movie Always Be My Maybe. She’s on tour (Milk and Money–she’s had to add a ton of extra shows because she’s selling out venues) and she’s getting read to drop a book called Dear Girls in the fall.

Oh and there’s her animated show Tuca and Bertie with Tiffany Haddish.

As Maloy would say, Ali Wong is doing everything right–working hard to support what’s out there right now while having new content ready to drop. All the work she is investing in her career is compounding like interest.

One of my favourite of her publicity moments is her appearance on Tan France’s Dressing Funny. (Cross promotion through Netflix, so key.)

She’s also been delightful on late night TV–her visit to Jimmy Kimmel went really well.

An interview with Ali Wong and Randall Park on Extra: the history we want to know about! (She was a writer on Fresh Off the Boat.)

The takeaway lessons for writers:

  1. Look at how your projects serve your brand.
  2. Have the next project ready to go. (Always be writing!)
  3. Create strong community ties: maintain good relationships with your colleagues and be open to expanding your network.
  4. Dream big, plan strategically, and be ready to hustle hard when the time comes.

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