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Pearl Low has a gorgeous book called Tension out right now

Tension by Pearl Low cover

Pearl Low is one of my favourite artists on social media. I’m excited whenever she posts her art and talks about life and culture and what she’s working on.

She has a book out right now called Tension!

Hair was “just hair” until society decided otherwise. In this autobiographical comic, TENSION explores themes of acceptance, self love and race through the lens of an Afro-Asian woman. Delve into the lighthearted yet complex slice of life story of experiencing what It’s like to love and accept one’s own natural curly hair in the face of societal norms.


Bonus! Here are a few posts from Pearl’s Instagram.




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I did another #Inktober omg!! Lol. Thanks to those that tuned in for my Instagram Live 🙂 Some of y’all even tuning in before you go to work! :’) Man lately I’ve been feeling really tired and I think I’ve been so gogogo with sightseeing here in Japan I now just want to be on this streak where I do NOTHING (well not nothing, but draw and avoid ppl lol). Referenced @ashtondsanders and some of his fashion ❤️ #art #doodle #sketch #inktober2018 #day11 #instagood #instagram #instadaily #picoftheday #drawing #ink #ootd #fashion #blackart #afroart

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To see more art, go to Pearl Low’s website.

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