The scars and bruises on the woman’s arms were a testament to the life that she led. She did not know why fate had chosen to give her a cruel husband that would not even provide for the needs of her and her child, but she had decided to persevere.

She had always found peace in the beach. By the shore there was a big rock where she would bring her baby after each beating her husband gave. There her tears would join the ocean. There was nowhere else she could run, but the sea afforded her some measure of comfort, for however long that would last.

She had her duty as a wife, a duty to a man who was a gambler and a drunkard, but a duty nonetheless. The woman accepted her fate, but the scars and the bruises were taking their toll.

One night, too much was enough. To save her life and the life of her child the woman fled to the beach and went by the large rock and cried. She cried to the fates and the oceans. She cried about her life and her scars. But mostly, she cried for her child, for what future would await the poor baby.

She cried until she was heard.

Far beneath the waves the woman’s cries were carried by the waves to the ears of the god of the sea. He had never heard such a tale of sadness and woe and decided to take pity on the woman and her child.

From the depths of the oceans the god of the sea emerged and faced the woman. He gave her a choice, to stay on land or to go with him, underneath the waves where the woman’s sadness would vanish.

There was no choice to be made. Immediately the woman nodded and the god of the sea transformed the woman and her baby into creatures of the sea.

So it went that the woman who found solace in the sea, was embraced by its ruler, forevermore to be one with the waves and the sea foam, until the end of time.




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