Get In, Loser, We’re Going to Beijing for Jeremy Lin

Doretta Lau is celebrating Jeremy Lin’s signing with the Beijing Ducks


There were a few weeks this summer where I was feeling some kind of “I’ll never get to see Jeremy Lin play basketball in person” despair. Justina messaged me with various reports that Lin was relegated to the NBA free agency “scrap heap.” We had a lot of feelings about this and after Kawhi Leonard signed with the Clippers and then the Russell Westbrook and Chris Paul trade, things got really quiet around the NBA.

The host of basketball podcast I listen to gives zero fucks about Lin, so I’ve just been on Twitter monitoring his new team possibilities. I watched the video where he started crying about the end of his career and I loved him all the more.



And now, Jeremy Lin is joining the Beijing Ducks. So of course, Justina and I are going to go to see him play. Beijing, here we come!

Signing off with a fun video of Serge Ibaka cooking for Lin.



Image from The Ringer.

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