In Which We Talk about Propaganda

MPL: It’s really weird when people talk about Chinese propaganda
Remember when I went to school in Taiwan
And we had to learn martial arts so we could fight the invading Chinese army
And we had to learn to tread water and shit
So we could block their boats
Taiwan really gonna send a child army out like that

DL: Haha a friend told me about this stuff
She was on the Love Boat [a Taiwanese study tour for mostly North American Chinese kids where many a relationship was ignited over learning zhuyin and beef noodles]
Half of it was military
They toured hilarious beaches with broken Coke bottles as a defence against China hahaha

MPL: Even as an eight-year-old
I found this suspect
One of my teachers said mainland Chinese people eat kids and babies
And I was like…wait, so you’re sending us out first?? The fuck!

Moral: If you believe that propaganda and brainwashing only occur on one side, please write on the board 1,000 times “The history of all hitherto existing society is the history of class struggles.”

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