Interview with Graffiti Alive light installation team

The urban streetscape along Armenian Street in Singapore’s arts and heritage district comes alive, as a Singapore-based team of lighting designers and engineers use art and science to create an interactive lighting concept on local street art that are typically overlooked after dark.

The Unpublishables speak to Teh Yi Hui and Agnes Narita who are part of the Arup Singapore team to find out more about this installation, Graffiti Alive.

What is Graffiti Alive about?

Graffiti Alive exemplifies Arup’s longstanding history of collaborating with artists, musicians, sculptors and architects to transform ideas and visions across multiple design disciplines into reality. Through Graffiti Alive, we hope to give prominence to the creative expression of Singapore’s street art scene by creating a mesmerising theatrical experience that also brings about a sense of mystery especially at night.

The street art murals along Armenian Street will be transformed into a lively night time streetscape, as RGB spotlights and integrated motion sensors will illuminate different sections of the graffiti wall triggered by passersbys. An elaborate burst of light and color will eventually transform this street into a spectacular scene, when the graffiti wall will light up with over 1000 different variations of color schemes, as more of the public stroll up and down the street.

Why is this part of the Armenian Street chosen?

If you are familiar with the Singapore arts scene, you will know that this alley is just alongside the Substation, which is Singapore’s very first independent contemporary arts centre founded since 1990. The Substation remains a much-loved and sought-after venue for the local arts community, and we want to honor the Substation’s humble roots with Graffiti Alive.

Also, the murals along this street are the fruition of a wonderful collaboration among Asian artists that are part of a RSCLS project called Solidarity. In the same light, Graffiti Alive aims to highlight the exceptional street art around this iconic alley that would normally go unnoticed at night because of the low lighting. We hope our installation will engage the public in a fun and interactive way.

How long will Graffiti Alive be showcased?

Graffiti Alive is part of the annual Singapore Night Festival (SNF) 2018 line-up that spans over two weekends from 17 to 25 August 2018.

This SNF 2018 edition will kick off with the annual night lights, featuring 14 mesmerising light installations by both local and international artists situated at unique pockets of spaces from the Bras Basah.Bugis precinct. Revellers can also look forward to a dynamic display of 52 performances from genres across the different arts disciplines, presented alongside an eclectic collective of F&B options and artisan craft offerings from August 23-25 2018.

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