Jackson Wang is the King of Content


It’s no secret that we at The Unpublishables love Jackson Wang. For those of you who haven’t heard of this delightful young man, he is one of the members of K-pop band GOT7 and is a solo artist in his own right.

Jackson isn’t just a king in name (“Wang” means “king”) but also in content. One of the reasons that we think he’s so popular and successful is that Jackson is everywhere: he’s joined many shows in South Korea and in China as a guest or host (and has been interviewed on American channels as well). With such a huge amount of available content, it’s inevitable that people will not only encounter or discover him, they will do it on his terms.

All of these platforms have clearly been carefully chosen to help create his image as a fun, sweet, and friendly dude who happens to have great abs and can do back and front flips at will. While this content is free for people to access and may not generate that much money for him, they serve as fantastic advertisements for the brands that Jackson endorses (like Fendi) and convert people into fans who will buy Jackson’s products like his music, concert tickets, and merchandise (we are impatiently waiting for Team Wang merchandise to come out). It’s funny but the more quality content you create, the more people will be clamouring for more.

While we may not have the budget or fame to join reality shows, it’s good to remember that if you’re a writer or an artist, you should be producing accessible content that lets people get to know you and your work better. With a good content strategy, you can build a strong base of supporters who will help you make money from your work. Find a way to get your work on as many platforms and media as possible, and provide your fans the opportunity collect together somewhere, whether it’s on social media or your Website, so they can interact with you.

This isn’t easy to do without a team (although you can drop us an email if you need advice), but it’s possible with a lot of effort and planning. With that in mind, here are a few videos from Jackson, and note how he doesn’t even really talk much about his albums and simply lets you enjoy his personality and charm. Now that’s branding.

Here he is in a Buzzfeed video choosing between his parents:

Here he is on China Mac’s channel claiming not to eat carbs while saying that he eats lobster rolls:

Jackson co-hosts a Chinese version of a Korean variety show called Go Fridge (in English) and we learn that Jackson thinks he’s great at playing a game that he has never once won. Now that’s positive thinking!

Here’s a snippet from a reality show where Jackson and a bunch of other celebrity men have to live with and take care of toddlers and kids for a month (Let Go of My Baby). Here we learn that Jackson thinks turning off the lights is a parenting technique (turn on CC for English subs).


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