Meet the Hot Dude Who is an Expert on Bedsheets

Doretta Lau on Leo Wang the hot dude in an Architectural Digest video

I went down a rabbit hole of Architectural Digest videos and found myself watching one about an expert on bedsheets.

The video is informative and Leo is hot. It’s all very soothing and service-y. So I sent the link to Maloy.

Maloy: You know, when you’re used to looking at k-pop guys normal guys look so ungroomed.

Me: Haha but he’s still cute. Like this is what a human person looks like.

The comments on YouTube oscillate between hilarious and thirsty.

Nice Nelly: My friends are out partying. I am learning about bed sheets.

Blue girl: Honesty, he is so chill, he could make professional thot settle down and try play nice with others.

I love it when someone is so good at their job. Makes me feel like all is right in the world.

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