In the beginning there was the great god Gamhanan, the most powerful of all the gods, the giver of life, security and livelihood. He dwelt with the other gods of his land in Mount Daeogdog, giving life and punishing errant mortals.

In the end the Gamhanan would send the rain and drought to those mortals who would defy his will. Those that would not give the proper offerings to his cave dwelling would know the bitter taste of the god’s punishment.

In the beginning there was the panigotlo, Gamhanan’s favored pet. It dashed across the river like a ray of pure light. So beautiful was this animal that none would dare harm it, not only for fear of Gamhanan’s retribution but also because it could foretell omens with its bleating.

In the end the panigotlo would have its last bleating before the full moon, being the harbinger of good harvest and fortune. The people of the village would rejoice and prepare for their thanksgiving to the great god and his pet.

In the beginning there was joy and light. The panigotlo did not have anything to fear from the mortals surrounding Mount Daegdog, for it was favored, and it would foretell favor or misfortune.

In the end the majestic beast was killed by a lowly hunter named Dagasanan. Its white fur forever stained by blood. Never again would its bleats tell of abundance and purpose, never again would it warn of flood and despair.

In the beginning there was the great god and his pet.

In the end the mortals paid their price.

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