Randall Park in IKEA Heights

Doretta Lau on more Randall Park magic


Ever since Maloy and I chatted about Always Be My Maybe before and after we saw the film, people have been telling me about their favourite Randall Park moments. There’s so much love for him.

So I watched Ant-Man and the Wasp. Randall was delightful as promised. Yesterday, I finally binged the web soap opera IKEA Heights. Unlike most people, I like going to IKEA. I usually time it for strange hours like Sunday morning at 10am and I go armed with a list after looking at everything on the website. (I really hate going shopping without a detailed plan.) In Hong Kong one of the stores is in the middle of the city, so one time after a work event I went and bought an end table and a teapot.

The series was shot in 2013 on location at IKEA, without the store’s permission. I won’t spoil it for you, but Randall’s character has so many hilarious moments. He really sells it. Enjoy!

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