Raymond’s Brain: My Baachan #9, The Letter

A personal history by Raymond Nakamura

This drawing is based on a photograph of my Baachan when she was in her teens. I don’t know where or when it was taken, but it would have been around the time she was in Korea helping her uncle’s taxi business, During this time, she received a letter from Canada from a strawberry farmer named Shinkichi Nakamura, who was originally from a village near my Baachan’s on Oshima. Possibly it was the photo she sent back to him.

Unfortunately, she contracted malaria, which says something about the time and place where she was living. As a result of the remedy, she lost her hair, which would not make for a good wedding picture and so the arrangements were delayed two years until she was feeling and looking better.


Republished from Raymond’s Brain.

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