Shadows IN the Walls Preview

Gwen Sin’s photographs of the theatre production Shadows IN the Walls 

Here are some highlights taken on GroundZ-0’s latest presentation, Shadows IN the Walls playing at the National Gallery Singapore as part of the Light to Night Festival 2019.

The interview with GroundZ-0’s Creative Director, Zelda Tatiana Ng is also available here.


“We are forgetful.”

“An open heart and an open mind make us better human beings.”

“Govern your own land; make your own decisions.”

“How much do you remember?”

“We all came from a faraway Land; we did all same the work. Why is there discrimination?”


Shadows IN the Walls opens at the National Gallery Singapore on selected dates and is limited to 20 people in each tour. Ticket admission fees apply. Please check for more details here.

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