Sheng Wang Killer Comedian

Doretta Lau rounds up Sheng Wang’s standup videos and interviews for your enjoyment

I saw comedian Sheng Wang open for Ali Wong in Vancouver last Friday.

Ali was amazing, but I don’t want to spoil because I imagine the jokes will appear on her special. Security was super tight–we had to lock our phones in Yondr pouches and I had to leave the venue and empty out my water bottle before I was allowed inside. No, I didn’t see Ali’s hot husband at the merch table because it was nearly midnight when the show let out and we were too tired to stand in a line to gawk at a dude even if he looks like Chang Chen in his prime.

I had no idea what to expect of Sheng Wang’s because I’ve never seen his work before. To my delight, his set was awesome. My friend and I were laughing so hard at his jokes. Costco! Lotion! Basketball! Heists! Health issues! All things I think about on a regular basis. I love his delivery style.

One of his bits was on mammograms. (See video below.)

What I liked about his set is that in addition to being really funny it came from a place of a specific cultural experience, without boring tired jokes about being Asian or mocking  his parents. This is I’m always aiming for in my own work, so I love seeing someone else showcase their craft and storytelling ability in this way.


Appearance on 2 Dope Queens

I have to say my nightly routine is just like Sheng Wang’s and right now I have four ripe avocados.


Sheng Wang Brain Teases

Bookstore and reading joke! So my kind of content.

RISK! Live Show in NYC – July 26, 2012‬

A set about acting class.


Go!Style 2010

Check out a pre-fame 2010 Ali Wong introducing him!


Interview with Sheng Wang on NBC Asian America

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