The Outside Man Review


The song I love most from Grandi Oso’s album The Outside Man is “No, Nothing”, which is so savagely pretty, it’ll make you long for a never-ending night only lit by evil stars. If you think you’d enjoy being a ghost and wandering in your eternal happy melancholy through strange halls, then this is your song. This is the song I imagine that plays after Raistlin becomes the Master of Past and Present and enters the Tower of High Sorcery in Dragonlance.

The other songs on the album have a similar dark charm, with “This Town Looks Good on Fire” a close second to “No, Nothing”, in my opinion. Grandi Oso calls his music death waltz, and it’s a perfect description of what you can expect. The album is like a distinguished old man dressed in exquisite clothes dying of consumption in his library full of books as he tells you a story that keeps you mesmerized until you realize it’s too late.

Grandi Oso performed, recorded, and mixed the entire album himself, and the album is a testament to his talent and skill. The songs unfurl easily but unhurriedly, and the atmosphere that they create remains consistent throughout. It’s a lovely, strange, shadowy creature whose stories you should listen to at night when you’re at your loneliest.

Check out our interview with Grandi Oso here, and listen to the album AND BUY IT NOW:

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