The People of the Dumagat Tribe, Aurora, Philippines

This Negrito group, recognized in literature as Agta and otherwise locally known as Dumagat, can be found along the Pacific coast of the province of Aurora.

We met the Dumagat Tribe last December 30, 2017 for an outreach program.

They are actually really shy at first. I remember a fellow local said that, “Ganoon talaga kaming mga katutubo, mahiyain, di kami sanay sa mga tao [Us locals are really like this, we’re shy because we’re not used to strangers],” but once they are comfortable with you, they will tell you a lot of stories, and the kids will come play with you.

Some of the stories are calls for help with their education system, and most importantly, house security or land issues.

But anything you give to the community is really a blessing to them. They expressed a hefty gratitude towards our group.  And we expressed our gratitude to them, too.

We hope that creating this series will spark change and help our fellow Dumagats.
**Photos of the kids with verbal release agreement among with the Dumagat Tribe Leader and selected adult locals


Special thanks to A Adventures for helping us with our trip!

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