We’re moving house


Not exactly but let us explain. We started The Unpublishables with the intention of creating a platform where writers could come together and learn how to create content and marketing around their work. We wanted to teach them that pooling resources to do marketing together would help everyone sell books.

What we didn’t expect was that writers didn’t want to do marketing. How they expect to sell books is beyond us, but that’s not our problem anymore. Also, this explains why the publishing industry is in dire straits.

So what now? We’re going to take a step back and focus on our own work for a little while. We’ll be migrating our own content to our sites, so if you want to read about wellness and literary stuff, head over to Doretta Lau’s site here.

If you want to continue reading about Asian pop culture and tough guys, head over to M. Paramita Lin’s site here. It’ll take us a while to port everything over and start creating new content, but come and check us out by the end of March. We’ll be solid then.

If you’re a writer who thinks that other people’s success translates into your own success and wants to learn how to do branding and marketing, contact us and we’ll see what we can do.

Thank you for supporting The Unpublishables, and see you on our other sites!

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